Chris Hurst

  (316) 204-6704

   Wichita, KS, USA

Web Developer

I'm a web developer dedicated to building and optimizing modern, high-impact websites for enterprise-level companies and startups alike.  Leverage excellent communication and problem-solving skills with 10+ years experience in a wide range of languages, platforms, and technologies to create the dynamic and user-centric websites which customers have come to expect in 2018.   I'm excited to join a team of talented and friendly professionals who share my passion for developing innovative web applications.


9+ years LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) development experience

Mastery of MVC frameworks (Wordpress, Magento, Laravel, Zend)

9+ years JavaScript development experience

Strength with JQuery and other frameworks, Bootstrap, Foundation

Create web interfaces, widgets, rich clients and other front-end
components (HTML5,CSS3,JavaScript)

Expert understanding of server side app development and
scalable web-services, especially REST, JSON, and XML.

Intimate knowledge of eCommerce checkout flow, web
service integration, and customer / product / inventory management

MySQL administration, setup, security, backups, & user privileges

Experience in designing and developing solutions by effectively
working directly with the client

Follow-through from project inception to detailed completion

Provide input for build requirements, design process, & LOEs

Proficient with Linux CLI, SSH, AWS, and remote server management

Expert knowledge of modern security methods & best practices
(SQL injection, cross-site scripting, proper data storage practices)

Test driven development and continuous integration

Knowledge of advanced Git techniques and workflows

Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Attempt to learn, grow, and master new skills every day


Wide Eyed Media, 2007 - 2017

Developed and maintained websites, applications, modules, and features based on client requirements.

Managed work tickets and delivered code according to project deadlines

Wrote estimates (LOEs) and kept track of time logged for each project ticket.
Worked extensively with Magento and Wordpress, including advanced and highly technical module development.

Setup and maintained JavaScript for analytics, form submission, image gallery / slideshow, cart and checkout.

Typically, these actions were taken for each new client project:

Answered questions from client about design limitations, features, and provided LOEs

Setup a new web server (Typically Linux/Apache/PHP) and installed the platform chosen by client

Using the approved graphics / mockup, created all required HTML/CSS/XML/JS theme files used by the platform

Created modules as needed for any custom features

Typical modules included: advanced search/product features, order fulfillment, payment gateways, custom menus

Created an integration process for importing and updating product/customer/inventory data from an external source

Tested, debugged, and commented changes before staging them for approval.

Apps & Utilities Used Daily:

SSH, FileZilla, SublimeText3, Chrome Dev. Tools, GIT, LESS, Composer


Stripe,, or Paypal integration

jQuery, AJAX calls, and async. behavior

Github, Assembla, Trello, Slack

Eden's Botanicals, 2011 - 2015

Wrote a series of custom payment gateway modules for the eCommerce platform Interspire (now called BigCommerce)

Written in PHP, with template files consisting of HTML/CSS/JS

Used existing configuration hooks for getting and setting gateway credentials.

Determined the web service architecture and response format used by the gateway. (HTTP,SOAP,REST, XML/JSON/Text)

Implemented the interface in PHP and used it to send checkout data to the gateway and interpret the response correctly.

A different module allowed for switching the active gateway automatically after a daily payment limit was reached.

Another allowed for specified products to carry additional checkout requirements (Must agree to product terms, age restriction, etc)


Computer Science Engineering @ University of Kansas (42 hours completed,16 remaining)

National Merit Scholar Commendation (2005)